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Repository for PhD Thesis

What is Open Thesis ?

OpenThesis is a free repository of theses, dissertations, and other academic documents, coupled with powerful search, organization, and collaboration tools.We hope that you will take a moment to upload your theses, dissertations and other publications -- and ask your colleagues to do the same. The more comprehensive our database is, the more useful it is to everyone!

What data does OpenThesis provide?

OpenThesis contains the bibliographical information, normally including author, school, title, abstract, date of publication, and more. Full text is generally not included unless OpenThesis has received permission from the school or author.

What are the advantages of OpenThesis having the full text of my document?

Full-text documents receive more traffic, for multiple reasons, including the convenience of accessing the document on the site and the greater number of keywords in the full document.Full text documents on our site can also be easier for our users to read, as we convert all documents to a standard PDF format, whereas the original format could be a problem for users on various operating systems to open.

A reservoir of Indian Theses

The Shodhganga@INFLIBNET Centre provides a platform for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses and make it available to the entire scholarly community in open access. The repository has the ability to capture, index, store, disseminate and preserve ETDs submitted by the researchers.

UGC Guidelines for Shodhganga

Theses and dissertations are known to be the rich and unique source of information, often the only source of research work that does not find its way into various publication channels.

Theses and dissertations remain an un-tapped and under-utilized asset, leading to unnecessary duplication and repetition that, in effect, is the anti-theses of research and wastage of huge resources, both human and financial.The UGC Notification (Minimum Standards & Procedure for Award of M.Phil. / Ph.D Degree, Regulation, 2009) dated 1st June 2009 (Appendix I) provides mandate for submission of electronic version of theses and dissertations by the researchers in universities with an aim to facilitate open access to Indian theses and dissertation to the academic community world-wide.

Online availabilityof electronic theses through centrally-maintained digital repositories, will not only ensure easy access and archiving of Indian doctoral theses but will also help in raising the standard and quality of research. This would overcome serious problem of duplication of research and poor quality resulting from the “poor visibility” and the “unseen” factor in research output.


Universities can formally join Shodhganga initiative by modifying the PhD Ordinance, signing an MoU with the INFLIBNET Centre (Appendix II) and appointing a University Coordinator.

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